to the markets we go!

hi everyone,

it seems like AGES since i last blogged… and lots has happened since then!  i’ve got a few exciting projects lined up.. so watch this space!

but i wanted to share with you about some exciting news this weekend!!  for ages, i’ve applied for a stall at this beautiful kids markets, and finally i’ve got in.  so mums out there.. and in fact ladies, if you’re wanting to get  some unique and beautiful gifts for your friends who have kids or about to give birth, do come on down and check out these out.

entry is free and do come and say hi to us!  there will be loads of stalls all catered towards yummy kids products and i’ve even got some great specials lined up too!

if you can’t make it this time, u can head over to my website as i’ve uploaded my latest photos in there!



a little preview…

hi everyone,

it’s been a while since i last blogged, so here’s a quick sneak peek of a fun family session i did when the sun came out on the weekend!

this session sure took a while to organise, with lots of rescheduling due to the wet weather, my foot injury, and my trip back to singapore!

julie, brad & chris, i’m so glad we finally made it… and what a glorious day it was too!

there’s plenty more photos to come, but i couldn’t resist blogging this one for now!

sydney portrait photographer, stanwell park


this photography session was different.  typically i take photos of families with kids.  but this one was different.

meet bruno – a pup:)

a very active pup

yooj + ange, thanks for the fun on our fun morning out at kirribilli.

ange – i know you’re in singapore and missing bruno, so hope these pics warm your heart up!

this shot reminds me of some advertisement… i reckon it highlights the fun aspect of the vespa!

ange + yooj – looking forward to catching up with you both in singapore next week!

oh – for those of you reading this in singapore, i’m expanding my business to singapore and have some special photography collections for the year of the dragon! if you’re interested or know of anyone who might be after some fun family sessions, please contact me on and i’ll send you my singapore brochure!



blue eye james…

first fun photography session of the year, and i was so excited when jase and cath asked me to help them with some lovely portraits of their first born james.

he’s soo adorable, and seriously has the bluest eyes i’ve ever seen. (for those of you who don’t know this lovely family, i assure you this is straight out of my camera and i have NOT saturated james’ lovely blue eyes!

james might only be 7+ months old, but i can already tell he’s one smart kid.  guess that’s only natural, having parents like both of you:)

one of the best things i love is experiencing family lives of those i’m privileged to photograph.

and jase, it was so great to see you in the context of being a father. i knew you were heaps capable whilst working together at macquarie bank.. but seeing the love you have for your family was beautiful.  and i even found out another hidden talent of yours – the rubber face!  check out james’ big smile when he looks at you with that face:)

cath, from our short time together, i can see you soo enjoy being with james – singing him lots of cool songs which keep him so amused and happy.

together, you guys are a great couple and awesome parents -  james is one lucky kid:)

i’m so looking forward to showing you the rest of the photos soon!



Absolutely Beautiful Mish!

it’s not too late!

It’s been a while since I last blogged.. and can’t believe how time flies!

Can you believe Christmas is less than 7 weeks away?

A few people have asked me about Christmas sessions I have, and thought I’d put together a little something special for those of you wanting to do something different this year.

It’s definitely not too late to make this Christmas one to remember.. filled with personalised Christmas cards ready to send to all your family and close friends!  See below for more information!

Lots of love…

& I promise not to leave it that long till my next post!



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