what i did this morning…

So glad the sun is out and shining today!

Last weekend, I was supposed to meet this gorgeous little lady, but due to the wet weather our fun meeting was postponed.

Today, the sun was out and little Grace was simply adorable – it certainly was worth the wait!

Couldn’t resist but post this preview for you all!  Natasha, Stu and Ali – can’t wait to show you the rest!



Very cute Mish!

happy wednesday!

hi everyone,

it’s been cold and rainy weather here in Sydney, and i couldn’t help but smile when i saw these images.. i thought i’d share it with you all – as we can always do with more laughter in our lives!

i simply adore this sequence of images – kids just have such natural expressions!  the more i observe kids, the more i think life is more enjoyable when simple things in life make us happy!

it’s made me think – maybe i should have a regular blog post each week.. of images that make me smile!  what do you think? would that be something you would be interested in?  leave me a comment and let me know whether you would like that?



adorable Mish :)

sisterly love

I met this lovely family this week and  I’m so glad they braved the tentative weather as it was only raining 1h before our photography session.  Luckily, the rain stopped just in time and we even saw the sun during our fun picnic dinner!

I remember growing up as a kid and being the eldest in the family, I always wanted an older brother or sister.  To see the beautiful caring interaction that Alessi had for Amelie was simply beautiful:-)

Adam & Karissa – it was a real pleasure getting to know your family better.  Adam – I’m so glad we met all those years ago and that you rang me when wanting to surprise your lovely wife with a special Mothers Day gift!  Your daughters are simply adorable and a real testament to the love and care you’ve raised them up with.



Very cute Mish :)

fairy fun

We had lots of fun at this morning’s fun family photography session.

I met this lovely family in a triathlon group a few years back.. and have also admired how Mark & Lisa find the time to train for their Ironman triathlon events whilst raising up two gorgeous kids!

Thanks so much for the fun today  – here are some beautiful images of their daughters:)



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Ooh, look at those little smiles :)