Sydney Northern Beaches

WARNING:  This is a long post as I need to catch up on the photos from the past few days!

I realised when I started this A-Photo-A-Day project that it might not have been the best thing to start it in the Christmas season! There’s so much happening so thanks anyway for your patience!

Here are my photos from the last few days!

The first is taken at Fairlight Beach…

And Narrabeen Beach

And here are a couple from Dee Why Beach as I can’t decide whether it looks better in black and white or colour!

I’m keen to know your thoughts – which one do you prefer?  Don’t you reckon that the colours play such an important role in the mood of the image?

The Northern Beaches are really different from the East.. way more spacious.  I feel like I’ve discovered a whole other side of Sydney I never knew about!

I even managed to pop by my friends place for brekky after an early morning family shoot.  Here are some pics of her lovely place – I love her dog and VW campervan… she’s got such a funky place:)

That’s it for me for today!

I’m doing a Santa Photoshoot tomorrow so that should be a stack of fun!




I’m not one for chasing celebrities, but I couldn’t resist when I received a last minute invite to the Masterchef show.

I really enjoyed watching the series, so was very happy to have seen Alvin, Adam and Marion – my favourites of the show up close and personal.  I’m keen to know – who were your favourites?

Here are some photos from the day.. more than one photo for my project in December, but I’m sure you don’t mind!

The live show they had was really cool – George, Gary and Matt were funny.  There were stacks of people keen on participating in the pressure test:)I liked how they made an effort to entertain the kids too and positively impact the next generation of leaders!

Thanks Leanne for a really enjoyable afternoon full of eating and entertainment!



sun, sand and water!

Did you miss my daily posts over the last few days?:PGood news is I’m back!

One of the best things about summer is that it’s beach time!  There’s something very therapeutic about having your toes in the soft sand and listening to the constant lapping of the waves.

This week, I felt like doing something very impromptu.  After a really packed last week,  I felt some enforced downtime was in order!  So in the middle of Monday, I rang my dear friend Katherine and convinced her we both needed a beach trip!

Here are some photos from our little excursion – don’t you think she looks gorgeous?

This next photo almost looks like a painting!  I still can’t believe how quiet the beach was…. especially with the wonderful weather we had!

See you soon,


p.s What is your favourite season in the year? I’d love to know!

macro fun

It’s been a while since I’ve taken out my macro lens, but it just seemed like the perfect occasion especially with the rainy weather today.

Here’s my photo of the day – a closeup of some water droplets on a leaf.  I’m just blown away by the intricate nature of a simple leaf!

Till tomorrow,


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