My First Photography Awards!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I last blogged… and this seems the perfect reason for my new post!

Just over two weeks ago, I entered 4 images in my first ever photography competition… and I was so excited this morning to find out I had received 2 awards, narrowly missing out on awards by 1-2 points on my other 2 images.

The International Aperture Awards is a Photography competition with entries from 91 countries this year.  Judged by an impressive panel of 21 worldwide judges, I’m so glad I received a silver and a bronze award.  Now I can officially say I’m an award winning photographer! Woo hoo!

Here are my award winning photos -

The second photo is a bit hard to see that small so I’ve zoomed in here to show you the reaction on the kids faces!  They were having so much fun playing in the river and observing them made me realise that life is about enjoying the simple things:)

These photos were both taken on my recent trip to Vietnam, in the scenic Sapa region.   That trip was such a memorable one for the people I met, the very lovely travel guide I had, and now it brings back even more great memories!


Fun at the beach (Sydney Childrens Photographer)

Hi all,

Sorry it’s been such a long time since I posted!  So much has happened since I last wrote and it’s been an amazing last month – visiting my family in Singapore & also making a short but very memorable trip to Vietnam.  More of that later.. but first, here are some photos from a recent beach photography session.

These two families thought of such a lovely birthday present  – giving their grandmother some memorable photographs of her three gorgeous grandkids!

Having just come back from Asia, I realise we are sooo lucky to have nice weather in Sydney.  Even when we get the lovely sunny weather, we don’t have the humidity like in Asia:)

For those of you who know me – you’ll know where to find me on a nice sunny day!  Yup, I love hanging out at the beach, and taking photographs of kids on the beach is such a blessing.

I love seeing them play with sand and water & not having a care in the world… it almost makes me feel young again!  Here are some of my favourite pictures of the day. Check out the cool hair of the youngest boy!

This is my favourite sequence of the day – she is absolutely gorgeous and has such a cute smile too!

Thanks to both families for all the fun!

I’m going to be posting more of my photos on my facebook fan page.  So if you like what you see, please help me spread the word and be a fan on



that special feeling… (Sydney Portrait Photographer)

Sometimes it just isn’t about the technicalities of the photo… Actually, it rarely is about that..  but instead about the emotion it evokes.

This is my favourite image of my recent session with this funny loving couple and despite the grainy effect (it was so dark!), I just LOVE the feeling and look on her face as she embraces him.

Clara & Farid – I feel lucky and privileged to be able to witness that special connection between the two of you.

Hope you enjoy this photograph and there’s many more to come!  I’m really looking forward to your wedding next year!

On another note – I’ve just started my Mish Koh Photography fanpage on Facebook.  If you love my photographs and would like to keep updated, check out and be a fan!




Thank you so much for this (after all that nonsensical poses we gave)! I think this is probably one of the rare shots of us not being crazy. I love it that you managed to capture one of our special moments=)

Yui Yun

Vvvveerrrry nice Mish! Ms Poon so dainty!

beautiful eyes (Melbourne Family Photographer)

Ok – so I admit, I’m absolutely captivated by big beautiful coloured eyes!  Perhaps its because I’m Asian and being born in Singapore, I am used to tiny dark brown or black eyes.  I’m sure you’ll agree with me from the images below that these kids have amazing eyes!

Anyway, enough about their eyes!!  This family has a special place in my heart.  When Troy and Bec had their first daughter Dharma, I had the privilege of photographing her.  When they gave birth to their second daughter Kiara, Bec asked me if I would come to Melbourne and photograph their family again.  Of course, I couldn’t resist!

It was not too long ago that Troy helped me purchase my first property.  I’m so grateful that we met those years ago and you continue to be an inspiration – living your dream property developing and helping others achieve that too.

Thanks for your friendship and for yet another fun day! Enjoy your preview and see you real soon!




thank you thank you thank you
they are GORGEOUS. I love them.



Bec – Great that you love them! They were such awesome kids to photograph!
xxoo Mish :)


Hey Mish,
Gorgeous photos and I really love your whole site. Well done. Great to see Troy and Bec’s beautiful girls too. Keep up the wonderful work.


Thanks Jane for your lovely comments! :)

Beautiful images Michelle – what a beautiful family!

outdoor autumn fun (Melbourne Family Photographer)

I met this gorgeous family last week in Melbourne.  Great weather, a lovely park and an awesome family – what more could you ask for?  It was simply perfect for this outdoor photography session.

Little Benjamin had plenty of fun playing with the leaves and chasing the bubbles… in fact I’m told that he fell asleep 2h earlier than his normal bedtime!  I’m glad that I even helped George relive his childhood blowing the bubbles:)

Looking through these photos, they actually remind me of my own younger brother who is also called Benjamin.  They certainly have that same sense of fun, adventure and cheekiness – check out that cute cheeky grin!

George, Genevieve and Benjamin – thanks so much for this very fun afternoon.   Bec, thanks so much for introducing me to them!  Enjoy this preview and see you in Melbourne real soon!

xxoo, Mish

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These photos are fabulous. Your attention to detail is amazing.


Thanks Bec! I’m editting your photos now, so yours will be next :)

George, Genevieve & Benjamin


These photos may have been taken in May (and boy! how time flies in freakish pace), but I never tire of looking at them.

George, Gen & Benjamin xo